Valuable Topics To Discuss When Hiring A Tutor For Your Child

As much as you may wish to help your child who is struggling in math class, the reality is that you may not be the best person to provide this assistance. Instead of getting involved and potentially making the issue worse, you’re better off finding a math tutor in the community who can visit your home and help the child with his or her homework. With many math tutors advertising their services, it’s useful to compare their rates — and talk to a couple to make sure that you’re both on the same page as far as the services that will be provided. Here are some topics that you should make sure to discuss.

Guarantee Of Improvement

Many tutors will guarantee that your child will improve his or her grades as a result of the tutoring — and will offer a discount or your money back if this does not happen. Talk about the strategies that the tutor will use to you help your child’s grades improve, both during homework assignments and tests. You want to hire someone who can explain how he or she will approach the subject from an angle that makes it easier for your child to learn, for example, if the methods being taught in the classroom aren’t paying off.

Age-Appropriate Experience

Even if the tutor knows the material inside and out, it’s important that he or she is able to explain it in a manner that your child will understand. For this reason, make sure that the tutor has experience working with students who are your child’s age. For example, the tactics that a tutor would adopt for a middle school student are different than the approach taken with a senior in high school. You shouldn’t feel shy about asking for some references so that you can call the parents of students who are roughly the same age as your child to assess their thoughts on the tutor.

Unique Traits

Ask the tutor why his or her services are better than someone else offering mathematics tutoring. This will give the person a chance to sell himself or herself to you, in essence, and you can then evaluate whether you feel in alignment with this tutor’s approach. For example, the tutor could briefly explain a different way of teaching a complicated subject — and, since you know your child, you’ll have a good idea that this teaching method will be in alignment with his or her strengths.

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