You’re Never Too Old To Get Your GED

You are from a generation where a high school diploma wasn’t that important. So you dropped out, got married, got a good job, raised a family, and retired. Now what do you do? Why not get a GED? Here’s why life and learning shouldn’t stop after retirement.

Gives You A New Focus

Once you retire, you have a lot of free time on your hands. So much so that you might end up getting excessively bored and watching too much television. Don’t fall into this regressive trap! Just because you’ve retired doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy moving forward in life.

That’s why many retirees pick up a variety of hobbies, such as cooking, traveling, or even painting. It gives their still active and busy minds a new focus. Getting a GED can give you a similar focus: but why choose getting a GED over canoeing or making YouTube videos?

Teach You Things You Wouldn’t Have Otherwise Known

While physical activities such as hiking or canoeing make excellent hobbies for the active retiree, they don’t engage your intellect. That is the great thing about adult education and  getting your GED: they can help educate you on things you wouldn’t have known otherwise, such as new slants on history or startling breakthroughs in science.

Other advantages of adult education such as this include:

  • Promoting healthy and active lives
  • Giving younger generations (such as grandchildren) a positive role model for education
  • Inspiring your mind in bold new directions

Okay, so you get the basic idea: you’ll become a more educated person if you get a GED. So what? How can that benefit you in a concrete way?

Help You Get A Part-Time Job

Personal experience and a great work record may have helped you get a job and a career without a high school diploma, but you may struggle to find a part-time job without a GED. But why would you even want a part-time job after retiring?

Maybe you want a little supplemental income to pay for presents for your grandchildren. Or maybe you just like having “something to do” and love being around people. Whatever your reason, a GED can help you get any of the following retiree-friendly jobs:

  • Retail jobs – The store “greeter” job is perfect for the friendly retiree, though working a cash register or stocking are also a great option.
  • Bookkeeping – If you owned your own successful business, you may be able to make a little bit of money on the side bookkeeping or preparing taxes.
  • Home health care – Help less fortunate retirees and senior citizens get the care they need to live a happy life.
  • Tour guide – Great for a mobile senior that wants seasonal work and knows a lot about the area. You may even be able to point out things that aren’t on the tour.

Where do you turn now that you’re excited about getting your GED? You can talk to your local high school and ask them about adult education programs in the area. Local community colleges often host classes like this. You may even be able to find a personal tutor that can help guide you through the process of studying for and taking your GED examination.