5 Ways Dance Lessons Can Help You In Life

Whether you are the type of person who won’t go near a dance floor, or you like to dance but sometimes wish you really knew what you were doing, private dance instruction can do more than just teach you dance steps. Formal instruction has many other benefits besides making you a better dancer and can enrich many aspects of your life. Here are five ways that private dance lessons can help you in life.

1. It’s physical exercise.

If you are stuck at a desk all day or just know that you need to get more exercise, dance lessons will get you up and moving. The American Heart Association recommends 150 minutes of moderate aerobic exercise per week, so a 90-minute dance class provides more than half of the recommended weekly exercise.  If the thought of working out in front of dozens of people has kept you from the gym, private dance lessons are a great way to get fit.

2. You’ll develop social skills.

Even though private dance lessons are one-on-one, you’ll learn how to be more comfortable in groups. Private classes eliminate the pressure to “mingle” with partners, but you’ll learn proper dance etiquette which includes the proper way to ask someone to dance with you. When you are out dancing, your new-found skills can be a great topic of conversation and you can socialize over a common interest. Furthermore, while dancing with a partner can be romantic, ballroom dances are based on respect and tradition and provide a fun way to interact with others without societal pressure and expectations.  Most classic dances developed at a time when formal dancing was the primary social activity, so it’s perfect for being friendly and having short, casual upbeat conversations. Dance classes will help you develop social skills like approaching people, making them feel at ease and fitting in at formal events.

3. It will help you later in life.

There will be many times in your life, such as weddings, cruises and holiday parties where there will be dance floors and people expecting you to participate. When you know a variety of dances, you’ll be ready for just about all of these occasions. You won’t need to make excuses like not knowing how to dance, and you’ll be ready to dance with anyone who asks you to.

4. You’ll develop confidence.

If you lack self-confidence, learning something new can help with your self-esteem. Starting from nothing and putting simple steps together into a well-executed routine is a great confidence builder. Knowing classic partner dances will give you the confidence to say “Yes, I’d love to dance!” or to lead a partner to the dance floor instead of sitting on the sidelines. You’ll also be able to recognize the people who are faking their way through the steps and know that you really can do better. 

5.  You’ll develop a skill.

Dancing is as much a cultural skill as it is a physical one. Most people don’t receive formal instruction in traditional dance styles such as ballroom dance. Knowing how to waltz, rhumba or foxtrot is impressive. Being able to swing dance or tango can elevate you – it’s a real skill that separates the actual dancers from the people who simply shuffle around on the dance floor. 

Dancing has many benefits, including physical, social and personal. If the idea of large group classes doesn’t appeal to you, consider private dance lessons with an organization like Absolute Ballroom Company. Even if you do it just for the exercise, you’ll come away with confidence, poise and a new skill set.

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