Encouraging Artistic Expression In Preschool

Child development plays a critical role in many preschool programs throughout the United States today. Allowing young children the opportunity to express themselves through art can be a great way to encourage the development of motor skills, decision making, and creativity.

If you are hoping to help your preschool children take advantage of the benefits that art can provide, here are three activities that will help you incorporate more artistic expression into your classroom in the future.

1. Give children the opportunity to use watercolors to create pictures.

Many children enjoy participating in artistic activities, and being able to use watercolors helps young children learn to express themselves. By using watercolors, a preschool student can translate the images in their imagination into tangible artwork.

Incorporate more painting into your curriculum by making some homemade paints. These paints are made entirely from ingredients found in the pantry, so you won’t have to worry about your students being exposed to toxic chemicals during art activities.

2. Create a sensory table to give children the chance to improve their storytelling skills.

Visual imagery plays a powerful role in relaying stories. The creation of visual images that tell a story is one of the oldest forms of artistic expression. You can easily help your students improve not only their artistic skills, but their language skills as well, by creating a sensory table that can be used for storytelling.

Pouring some sand onto a table or into a container gives students a surface in which visual images can be created as they tell stories to one another. Incorporate this form of artistic expression into your curriculum and your students will reap the benefits a sensory table can provide.

3. Allow children to express emotion through song.

Singing can be extremely beneficial for young children. In addition to aiding in the development of lip and tongue movement, singing provides children with a simple way to express complex emotions.

Incorporating singing time into your curriculum can also give you a simple way to help student retain information, since pieces of information attached to a song become embedded in a child’s mind more quickly. Using song as a form of artistic expression will help your students grow emotionally and academically.

Finding ways to incorporate art into your preschool program can be beneficial for your students. Watercolors help bolster creativity, sensory tables can aid in language development, and singing can help children learn to express emotion more effectively. For more information, contact companies like Wooden Shoe Pre-School & Pre-Kindergarten.