What Can Be Done With A Degree In Accounting?

Most people get a degree in accounting to become a CPA and work as an accountant. However, if you get this degree, go to work in this field, and then decide it isn’t right for you, you may be unsure what you can do with your degree. Here are three other types of jobs that you can get with accounting degrees.

Auditing Jobs

If you have an accounting degree, you have the skill set and knowledge to work as an auditor. Many companies hire auditors to help them ensure their books are properly kept and that product and money is accounted for. Auditors can work in both the public and government sectors. If you are interested in a government job, consider a job as a tax auditor. These auditors evaluate state and federal tax returns for errors. If you love numbers and enjoy looking for errors, working as an auditor may be the ideal job for you.

Sales Jobs

Many sales jobs do not require you to hold a degree. However, in a competitive job market, any leg up that you can get on your competitors is needed. Having an accounting degree can give you the advantage you need to land the position over others that don’t have a degree. Additionally, many sought after, higher paying, commission-based sales jobs, such as medical sales, insurance sales and car sales positions prefer you to have a degree. If you love to converse with people and have always been a bit persuasive, using your accounting degree in a sales position may be the right fit for you.

Banking Jobs

The last field you may want to consider working in if you have an accounting degree but don’t want to do accounting is the banking industry. There are many jobs that you can hold with an accounting degree in this industry, including a bank teller, loan officer, financial adviser, financial analyst and debt collectors. If you enjoy working with the public, but want to do more than just calculate numbers, a job in the banking industry may be a good fit for you.

It is always recommended that you shadow someone working in the field you are considering going into before you get a degree in that field. This will help you know if it is a good fit for you. However, if you have already gotten the degree, it is too late to go back and change things. Looking for other positions that allow you to use the skills, knowledge and degree you have makes the most sense. If you have an accounting degree but don’t wish to work as an accountant, there are many different industries you can work in, thanks to your background and knowledge of finances and numbers.

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