4 Tips For Beating ACT Test Anxiety

Test anxiety is something that happens even during the smallest quizzes, but when the test is something like the ACT that can help to determine your future, the anxiety feels even bigger. Making sure that you have a handle on your testing anxiety is much easier than you might think and a good bit of it involves being as prepared as you can be for the test.

Start Prepping for the ACT as Early as Possible

When you’re thinking about doing something as large and involved as taking the ACT, then you really have to start preparations as early as you possibly can. Even if you only have a couple of months, though, use your prep time wisely. There are practice tests that you can take on your own, and you can contact ACT prep experts for help with the areas in which you tend to have the most trouble when taking tests of this sort.

Learn Test Taking Skills

Part of your preparations should involve brushing up on your test taking skills. Most of your school career has involved taking standardized tests, so there are probably quite a few tips that you already have up your sleeve. It’s never too late to brush up on the skills you’ve got, though. The ACT organization has several tips posted for potential test takers, and one of the most important has to be the tip regarding answering every question. Since your score is based on your total number of correct answers, a guess won’t hurt your score but an empty answer space could.

Stay Positive About the ACT

You’re going to be prepping for the ACT for a while, so it helps if you can stay positive about the test itself. You’ll have your good days and your not so good days. Keep pushing through the days that are tougher and remind yourself that you’ve come a long way and that you’ve got this. A positive attitude will keep you moving but allowing yourself to feel defeated before you’ve even taken the test will defeat you on the day of the test.

Arm Yourself Well for Test Day

It’s test day, and you’ve done everything that you can to prepare. Now make sure you’re as armed as you can be by getting a good night’s sleep beforehand. Make sure that you eat something nutritious for breakfast, even if you’re not normally a morning person. If your body has no fuel on which to run, you’re more likely to have low blood sugar and trouble concentrating. Don’t overdo the caffeine, though, because that can make you even more nervous. Above all, dress comfortably, make sure that you have your No. 2 pencil and eraser, and remember to breathe deeply when you start to feel nervous.

If you’re looking for ACT prep help, contact an expert today. They can help to make sure that your individual test prep needs are met.

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