How Can You Get Your Child Ready For Preschool?

The day is approaching when you’ll finally sign up your child for preschool. Will your child be ready? These tips will help you prepare your child for enrollment in a preschool program.

Emphasize Self-Sufficiency

The more your child relies on you for everything he or she needs throughout the day, the more stranded your child may feel when you finally drop your child off for that first day of preschool. Children who have confidence in themselves and believe that they are capable of caring for themselves may find it easier to embrace life outside of the home and away from parental support. Here are a few ways that you can teach your child self-sufficiency:

  • Teach your child to pick up messes. Have your child put his or her toys away when he or she is done playing. Putting items away where they belong is a concept that many preschools cover in-depth. If your child is introduced to the concept ahead of time, this can help make the transition easier.
  • Allow your child to get himself or herself ready in the mornings. Let your child pick clothes, fastens buttons, zip zippers and brush hair. Your child will need help with some parts, but letting your child take responsibility for self-grooming will teach your child self-reliance and skills that will come in handy at school. Knowing how to put on clothes will be helpful when your child is using the bathroom or putting on a coat to go out and play.
  • Make snacks together. Let your child dip apple slices into peanut butter, sprinkle raisins on top of cookies and do other small tasks that will teach your child hand-eye coordination. Your child will benefit from these abilities when he or she is doing crafts at preschool.

Spend Time Apart

Your child will have a hard time in those first weeks at preschool if he or she has never been away from you for more than a couple of hours. Drop your child off with grandparents or family friends to help your child get used to time spent away from home and away from you.

Talk It Up

Anxious children may respond better to preschool if they’ve had time to adjust to the idea before it actually happens. Spend time talking about preschool with your child before the first day of preschool arrives. The more your child hears about preschool before it actually happens, the more comfortable your child may feel when it’s time to go.

Finally, as you’re preparing your child for preschool, speak with the preschool program to find out other tips that you can use. Different preschool programs have different requirements. Knowing these requirements in advance will help to ensure that your child is fully prepared for the day when he or she will enter preschool.  

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