How To Create Your Own Montessori Alphabet Box

Teaching your child the alphabet can be difficult, especially teaching them the concept of the phonetic sounds of the alphabet. Giving your child actual objects that start with the corresponding letter is an easier way to teach your child alphabet sounds. You can create your own Montessori alphabet box to help teach your child. See below for instructions on how to make a do-it-yourself alphabet box.

Here’s What You’ll Need:

  • Storage box with drawers (you need at least 26 drawers)
  • Letter magnets
  • Letter flash cards (both uppercase and lowercase)
  • Small toys or objects that correspond with each letter (they should be small enough to fit in the drawers)
  • Labels (label each drawer with both uppercase and lowercase letters)
  • Rectangular mat (to set the items on)


  1. Take your storage box, which can be purchased at most larger stores or even at hardware stores. Label each drawer with a letter using both uppercase and lowercase letters.
  2. Add the flash cards, magnets and miniature figurines to the drawer with the corresponding letter, i.e. alligator and apple would go in the Aa box, banana and bird would go in the Bb box. Look for figurines that are fruits, vegetables, animals or nature related items. Try and place at least four or more miniature figurines in each box. You can find these small items cheaply at toy stores, hobby stores or at dollar stores.
  3. Have your child use the rectangular mat to lay out and then pull out each drawer, one at a time. Your child can lay out each figurine and say each letter and item with you to help them hear the sounds for each.
  4. When finished with each drawer, your child should put them all away in the correct order.

To further help teach your child, you can also pull out the contents of a single drawer and have him or her say the objects themselves. You can also pull out more than one drawer and have him or her sort the objects by the letter it begins with. Another way to teach your child is to pull out several different objects from a few different drawers and have him or her pull out the object that begins with a specific letter (such as telling your child to pull out the object that begins with a b sound).

Teaching your child the alphabet is one thing, but teaching your child to understand the sounds of each letter is something different. Have fun filling your alphabet box drawers and help make learning fun for your child.

For information on school in the area that use this sort of approach to learning, contact schools such as Franciscan Montessori Earth School and Saint Francis Academy.

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