Three Myths About Catholic Schools: Debunked

When considering your child’s schooling options, it’s important to look at the whole picture. Catholic schools are becoming a popular alternative for Catholic and non-Catholic families alike, but there are still many myths surrounding such schools. Read on to learn the truth about Catholic schools like Saint Thomas Academy so you can decide whether they’re right for your child.

Myth #1: Catholic Schools are Just for Catholics

Catholic schools have long been accepting of students of all faiths and backgrounds. The diversity found within these schools is the very reason many families choose to send their children to them.

Why would a non-Catholic family consider sending their children to a Catholic school? Many Catholic schools boast smaller class sizes and are better able to meet the needs of their students. While not all are equipped to deal with special needs or gifted students, they are now becoming a popular alternative for such students due to the individual attention each child is able to receive.

Myth #2: Catholic Schools Cost Too Much

While the upfront fees associated with a Catholic school education can seem daunting, it’s important to remember that there are payment plans and even grants and scholarships available to families. There are scholarships for families who attend the attached parish, but there are other non-religious scholarships, including those based on financial need.

There are costs associated with all forms of education: public, private, and religious. While costs are definitely something to consider, it’s also important to consider the needs of your child and the outcome you’d like. The cost may be a bit more, but if it’s the right fit for your child and their schooling needs, it’s a worthwhile investment.

Myth #3: Catholic Schools Shelter Children from the Real World

A Catholic education can provide your child with much more than a strong academic background. The focus of most Catholic schools is on overall development of the student—body, mind, and soul.

Catholic schools can be beacons of light within their respective communities. They may offer food drives for the homeless and clothing drives for the less fortunate, and many are involved in the overall development of the community. This means your child will be out there, in the real world, participating and helping those in need.

While there are many myths surrounding Catholic schools, the above list will help you to better decide whether Catholic school is right for your child. It’s important to remember that there is much diversity within Catholic schools, and financial help is available for families in need. 

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Improve Your Overall Health In Preparation For Your Golden Years

There are so many funny and inspiring sayings about growing older. You’ve probably heard, “Growing old is not for sissies.” Then there’s, “It’s not the years in your life, but the life in your years that counts.” The list goes on! One thing that most people will agree with is that it’s important to prepare your mind and your body so that you can actually enjoy the winter of your life. Here are some things that will give you a good quality of life.

Your Physical Health – Move your body! If you are not already on an exercise regimen, don’t wait another day.

  • Start by seeing your doctor so that he can give you his blessing in starting an exercise program.
  • Choose something that you will actually do. Did you know that swimming is a great exercise for just about everyone? If walking, jogging, or dancing are hard on your joints, swimming might just be the answer for you. Swim aerobics are fun and good for your body, too.
  • Many people find that they’ll stick to exercise routines if they have a buddy. Consider inviting a neighbor to walk with you.
  • Zumba! If regular exercising is boring to you, find a place that has dance exercise. Or just put your own music on at home and dance.

Your Spiritual Health – Do you believe in God or a higher being?

  • If you believe in God, grow closer to Him by studying scriptures, saying prayers and going to church each Sunday.
  • Consider joining a book club that focuses on inspirational books.
  • No matter what your religious preference is, it’s still really good to take time to meditate every day.
  • Keep a blessing book. Each day write down the things for which you are thankful.

Your Mental Health – Just as you exercise your body, it is important to exercise your brain.

  • Consider taking a class on how to increase your memory power and learn how to exercise your brain
  • Learn something new every day. Make it a challenge, something you can actually learn, but that requires you to really think. Learn a new language.
  • Play brain challenging games, both by yourself and with somebody else.
  • Eat a balanced diet with plenty of vitamins and nutrients. Be sure to enjoy what you’re eating — the good news is that dark chocolate is great for the brain!

Interestingly, studying something new over and over again is something that will exercise your brain and will stimulate your thinking process. Your attitude is very important, too. Even though life can be difficult, think positive thoughts. 

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